18 October 2008

Personal Learning Network PLN

With growth of the internet, technology and especially with web 2.0 tools it is now easier for each of us to build a unique online Personal Learning Network (PLN).

These networks often grow organically as we ourselves evolve both needs and skills ... with the increase in available information worldwide and easier access there comes a time when it's advisable to pause and reflect.

Not only is this an exercise in time management but also one related
 to keeping sane under the rapid growth of information available.
With this all in mind I created a webpage
to identify and visualise my own PLN.

It is critical for us to take control of our own learning ... lifelong learning ... we owe it to ourselves not only as a survival strategy but one that contributes to the quality of our own life and also those whose lives we touch and who, in turn, touch us.

Building this page is also an interesting exercise to reflect on .... it's a web1.0 page with lots of web 2.0 hanging from it. 

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