05 February 2007

Mixed Bag for the New Year 2007

I just cannot believe that it is a couple of months since my last posting ... is anyone else in the world worried about how quickly time goes ... or is it just me? .... but a lot has happened so one of the problems is certainly NOT boredom.

Shambles Podcast Series www.shambles.net/podcasting
I'm having great fun producing Podcasts but strangely enough the series with ICT Technology co-ordinators is the one that is growing the slowest .. I thought it would be the fastest.
Just posted an interview with the Technology Director at NIST in Bangkok who talks about the 1 to 1 tablet scheme they have implemented ... they seem to have jumped past interactive whiteboards.
Have a number of Headteacher/Principal conversations where they include their favourite teacher interview questions .... so if you are going for a new job this year then this is a MUST listen-to.
In the librarians series I'll soon be posting a session I had with Doug Johnson (USA) who is running a one day pre-course (at EARCOS) for library staff in March .. the wicked side of me did try to get him to give out some homework .... I failed.
If you would like a quick fix on the growth of international schools worldwide then listen to my talk with Nick Brummitt ... one of the few people with their finger on this particular pulse.

Shambles Newsletter Feb. 2007
Have just published this terms newsletter ... www.shambles.net/newsletter
With each publication I feel it cannot beat the quality or richness of the last ... fortunately I'm proven wrong each time ... many thanks to the contributions and suggestions from those reading it.
I now also do a Podcast summary of the newsletter ... in just 3 minutes (OK .. maybe it did run to 4) ... listen at http://odeo.com/channel/143349/view

Workshops in Singapore http://singaporeworkshops.blogspot.com
Late in March I'm running some workshops in Singapore, two of the public ones are on "Web 2.0 in Teaching and Learning" and the other is "Technology for Primary English Teachers" .. visit the blog I've set up to support these if you would like more details.
These visits to Singapore are being organised by a local (Sg) company who you should contact if you would like to attend any or negotiate a private workshop in your own school on many topics related to Technology and ICT. email: Cheng Fun at Synergyst chengfun@synergyst.com

Finally .... best wishes for Chinese New Year
... the year of the pig (my birth year) ... please refrain from commenting on this ;-)


Kate said...

Well the Chinese New Year celebrations are coming up shortly...and it's always nice to celebrate such grand events..well i'd also like you visit my blog sometime and check out some of the things i've posted there for the festival..visit soon and enjoy!!!

Doug said...

Sorry, Chris, that I failed to pick up on the cue to assign some homework at EARCOS.

The conference was great, the people were wonderful to work with, and my wife and I had a great time in Bangkok and Phuket.

Have a great new year whenever it starts.