02 November 2006

Shambles Newsletter November 2006

Shambles in S.E.Asia : Newsletter November 2006

This is to confirm that the thirteenth termly "Shambles" newsletter from The Education Project Asia is now available online - designed for International School Communities across S.E.Asia (but now with a large worldwide readership)

It is best viewed online at www.shambles.net/newsletter/november2006/

There is also a "summary" copy that can be downloaded
and printed out as a Word Document (180KB):

Topics this term include:

- Shambles Newsletter Spring-clean ... and translations
- Shambles Podcast series (four series in fact)
- International Baccalaureate
- Mandarin Teaching and Learning
- Emergency Planning and Disaster Toolkits

- Teacher Professional Development : Opportunities Online
- Web 2.0
- Mixed Bag .. conferences and events
- SEAMC : S.E.Asia Mathematics Competition
- Google

- TED Talks
- Online Conferences for Students and Teachers
- ECIS International Teacher Certificate (ITC)
- Microsoft To Release 'Open Source' VLE'

Newsletters are archived at www.shambles.net/newsletter
where readers can also subscribe to be included in the distribution list
(or take themselves off) or join the RSS feed.

For the first time there is also an audio summary version of the newsletter which can be heard at

I should be most grateful if you would forward this information to colleagues ... or print out the summary 'Word' version for the staffroom noticeboard.

If you have any items that you think would be of interest to schools across the region or you wish to share an event or project then please feel
free to send them to me at csmith@csmith.info

The next termly newsletter will be published 6th February 2007

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