13 August 2006

Packers/Shippers, Hotels and Flights

Over the last four years I've worked with a number of affiliates, obviously as part of the "Shambles" business plan to generate income but also to be able to offer relevant, easy to use, affordable and trustworthy services to Shambles (www.shambles.net) visitors.
Over the last few months some new partnerships have been formed which fit these criteria.

Packers and Shippers
On the Shambles China, Hong Kong and Singapore pages you will now find forms which allow you to get immediate (free) quotations for packing and shipping goods and household/office items. This is with "Links Relocations"
"Links Relocations specializes in international, Hong Kong, China (Shanghai/Beijing), Singapore and domestic household goods moving, office moving, office and companies moving project management, origin packing and storage. If you are planning on moving from or to Hong Kong or China in anywhere of the world, Links Relocations offers all the relevant relocation services."
So try the forms on the Shambles
China, Hong Kong and Singapore international schools pages .... they are free to use and are especially useful as they do also highlight the questions that you should be asking if or when making a move.

Finding and Booking Hotel Rooms in Asia
(discounted rates)

Shambles now offers easy online access to a searchable database of hotels in individual cities in countries across S.E.Asia ... with excellent discounts.

We have partnered with "Wired Destinations" to offer this service, they were established in 1996 and now have over 70 employees with the main offices in Hong Kong and Bangkok.
The team has researched and negotiated some of the best hotel discount packages available which you can book immediately online.
Full details of individual hotels are available (free) and detailed location maps can be seen (free).
Wired Destinations is a recognized PATA member joining in 2004 (number: 558742)
The online enquiry form can be found at www.shambles.net/hotels

Airlines and Flights
I am still working on this to be able to offer access to an easy and trustworthy database of sources which can be trusted. There is a list of Asia budget airlines at www.shambles.net/pages/Countries/airlines but no one searchable location so it is time consuming for you to go through these.
BUT watch this space for a one-stop solution .... it will appear eventually providing it can satisfy the above criteria.

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