18 July 2006

Shambles Moves to a New Server

On the 10th July 2006 Shambles made the migration from its original server (hosted on a dedicated machine in iAdvantage, Hong Kong) to a managed shared hosting system.

The migration was done in order that I do no longer have to look after the technical aspects of Shambles .... and waste no more time fighting the spammers and hackers ... that's now in the hands of the professionals.

Up until this migration Shambles had been running on its own IBM server for 4 years .. running Windows 2000 Server software (IIS) .... both hardware and software were more than capable of providing brilliant reliability.

First impressions are that the new host is actually serving up pages faster than ever .... but if you come across any problems or noticeable slow down then PLEASE let me know.

Now I can concentrate even more on the 'teaching and learning' content and support ..... which is much more enjoyable.

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