16 January 2011

Shamblesguru Namecard

I'm about to have some (old media) namecards printed and so thought I'd take the opportunity to redesign them.
It is a challenge to decide just what to put on it ... originally I was going to go very minimalist but then it started to grow into a record of my digital footprint.
I even considered just linking to one page on the internet with all this info on it ... but then the aim is focus on the experience of recipients not myself   ... which then brings into question ... what is the purpose of a paper-based namecard?.  Is it to communicate or is it a marketing tool ... or vanity?
When I receive a namecard from others I scan it and throw the image into Evernote which auto character recognises the text to make it searchable ...  so one of the considerations was to make it 'optical character recognition' friendly ... so no flowery or low contrast text and no messy backgrounds. 
One easy decision was to include a QR Code ... with the increased use of smart phones I predict that 2011 will be the year of QR Codes in Education ... and you thought it was going to be tablets.
The interesting question is what should go in the QR Code? ... I decided to have it simply go to a page on Shambles ... so the decision is really  what to put on that page to make it friendly to mobile devices .... I'm still working on that ;-)
So any feedback ... you have would be appreciated ... please add in 'comments' ...many thanks 



Durff said...

Digital Nomad - I like that. You should put on a title in SL that says that.

zezo said...