04 October 2009

Shambles "Home Page" Redesign

After seven years it's time to revamp the Home page on the Shambles website .... the rest of the site will remain the same ... just the front door getting a new coat of paint.
I started off with the idea of going in a complete Web2.0 direction ... very minimalistic, simple, little more than a search box .... but that hasn't happened.
The page took control of itself and there is more on it than I'd planned for.
One new element is to replace the scrolling school/country names at the top with worldwide times ... this acknowledges that there is a global readership ... and knowing the time zones helps appreciate how others are affected.
Feedback is welcomed .... I've have several suggestions already that I've acted upon ... one suggestion I have yet to implement is a 'text magnifier' as much of the text is small if using high screen resolutions.

So please use the comments below this post for feedback.
Original page is at www.shambles.net
New page is temporarily parked at
I'll be moving the new page to the front in the next couple of days .... the old page will continue and there is a link to the orginal on the new. (wow that sounded complicated)

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