02 November 2007

Shambles Termly Newsletter Nov 2007

Putting a newsletter together can be time consuming ... what am I talking about ... it is time consuming ... and thank goodness Shambles it is only three times a year.
But the feedback I get always makes the effort worthwhile and I survive by starting the next one as soon as the last has been published ... I guess the secret is (as in life, for me) ... slowly slowly.
This term's newsletter went live yesterday at

There is a Word version at

The big item for me at the moment ... not just in the newsletter but everwhere is building the International Schoools Island in Second Life which is being documented at

.. and if you want to listen to my mini 3 minute (Podcasts) intro
to the newsletter then play here
this player might take up to one minute to warm up

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Have fun !

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