24 June 2007


I've been having a play with a web application called Snapshots.

What this does is ... when you put your pointer over a weblink on a web page then a small window pops up and shows you an image of that page you would go to.

I've set this up on three of the pages on Shambles:
1. List of All International Schools www.shambles.net/allschools
List of Singapore International Schools www.shambles.net/singapore
The main Science page www.shambles.net/science

This seems a good idea initially but I'm not sure if this is something I should be implementing throughtout the Shambles website ... something is holding me back and I'm not sure what.

I do have a button on the pages which allows visitors to switch this function on and off.

What I would really appreciate is if you could visit one of the 3 pages above
... and try it out and let me have some feedback.

The free application itself is is called 'snapshot' from Snap at www.snap.com and just requires you to put some code onto your page.

Brilliant idea .... or over the top?

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Karl L. Gechlik said...

Great Find.

Thanks from your new friends @ AskTheAdmin.com